The WHD Gas Care Plan

Don't take your central heating for granted


when you apply for WHD Gas Care 5 star breakdown cover, you will also qualify for an annual service and safety inspection. it is very important to have your boiler checked out regularly but people seldom do. So here is the perfect opportunity to have your system checked over thoroughly. We will contact you at the sane time every year.


Nobody tends to give much thought to their gas central heating system but what would happen if one day your system broke down and stayed off? Your home would be cold for a start, Then you would have the unpleasant task of thumbing through the phone book for a reliable engineer and the worry of how much it might cost. And, as well as the expense of a broken system, there's then the inconvenience to consider. In cold weather a freezing home with the threat of burst pipes is no joke. If you rely on your gas central heating system for hot water, it can be even worse. no washing-up, no baths, no way to wash your hair. And if you are elderly or have young children, it can even be more of an ordeal. This is why you should consider 5 star cover. The cover is provided by WHD Gas Care. WHD Cas Care currently provide Tayside emergency cover to hundreds of households and are committed to delivering excellence in customer service. 5 Star Cover is the only one of its kind in the country. The no-nonsense cover protects your gas central heating and gives you total peace of mind all year round.



When you add up all the costs associated with repairing your gas central heating system, it makes sense to be covered from just £15.99 per month, you will be safe in the knowledge that if your gas central heating system breaks down, you can call the WHD gas care help line - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have a breakdown on engineer will normally arrive on the same day or within 24 hours to fix it. There is nothing more to pay for the labour or replacement parts.


*Any calls pre-booked by office then no access is available, there will be a minimum charge of £30.00. This charge also applies if gas appliances have not been switched off prior to engineers visit


This covers parts and labour for your central heating if the following parts of your central heating system break down:

  • Time clock or programmer
  • Circulating pump and valves
  • Radiator valves
  • hot water tank components (excludes immersion heaters)
  • Unvented hot water tanks components
  • Feed and expansion tank components
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Motorised valves
  • Central heating boiler components


this provides labour cover only

  • Time clock or programmer
  • Circulating pump and valves
  • Radiator valves
  • hot water tank components
  • Unvented hot water tanks components
  • Feed and expansion tank components
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Motorised valves
  • Primary flue and draught diverters
  • Central heating boiler components


Only available when an engineer visits and accepts on to cover. Approx cost from £5.99 Labour cover only including safety check and annual service. Please note, this is only available when taken out alongside central heating boiler cover.


If your gas central heating breaks down, can you really afford to be without our 5-star breakdown cover?

There are many components that comprise your gas central heating system and if one part breaks down it can affect the whole system. As well as the cost of the part, you will have to take in to account the engineer's call-out charge and the cost of labor. Below is a breakdown showing estimated costs for replacement parts.

Common Replacement Parts (not including call out and labour charge):

  • Replacement motorised zone valve - £350
  • Repair to hot water cylinder - £350
  • Repairs to expansion tank - £170
  • Repair a radiator valve - £170
  • Replacement gas valve - £140
  • Replacement thermo couple - £75
  • boiler repairs - £120
  • Replace pump - £170

Our rigorous safety and service check will ensure your system is in safe, tip top condition and will include:

  • A full visual inspection where practicable
  • A general check of overall operation of the system
  • Check flame failure device for correct operation
  • Check operating pressure
  • Check operation of the flue
  • Carry out soundness test of gas installation
  • Clean burners, injectors, combustion chamber and flue ways as required
  • Check ventilation
  • Carry out a combustion test using telegan
  • Carry out check for water leaks where practicable
  • Visual check on related wiring
  • Check operation of gas valve
  • Check all controls
  • the engineer will leave your premises in a clean and tidy condition and request your signature on the completed job sheet
  • Any remedial work required would have to be carried out at your own cost (first service visit only)

After your comprehensive safety inspection, WHD Gas Care 5 star Breakdown Cover gives you:

  • A 24 hour emergency response breakdown helpline
  • No call-out charge
  • No replacement parts charge
  • No labour charges
  • Complete peace of mind
  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Reduced rates for chargeable visits

Faults identified in your domestic central heating system during the first safety inspection and/or service visit. If the works are not carried out, we reserve the right to cancel your policy and refund your premium minus £40 in that year only.

You can cancel your contract at any time. If an annual vist has been done, a minimum of £40 will be charged.

This policy is for homeowners only. Council tenants need not apply. Tenants can apply through their landlord.

If spare parts are no longer available for the appliance on cover, the cost of replacing the boiler is not covered by the policy.

Information and prices on our website are subject to change without notice.


We do not provide cover for the following items:

  • The cost of any work done on your heating system without our consent. Or the cost or any repairs caused by someone not employed by ourselves.
  • including a new boiler
  • Any work required as a result of the system  incorrectly installed, clearing any blockages or damage caused by foreign objects.
  • The removal or contact with asbestos associated with appliance or system.
  • Any loss you suffer because of a breakdown or any water or gas leaks. Also cost of putting right faults caused by incorrect use of the appliance or by water leaks, temporary heating.
  • Appliances fitted in any location or situation or building they were not designed for.
  • The cost of decorating parts, casings, paint work, batteries, bulbs, enamel, wood and any damage which does not prevent the functioning of the appliance.
  • Thawing or repairing pipes.
  • Disconnecting condensate, pipes during freezing conditions
  • Damage caused by freezing weather conditions, lighting, fire, explosion, storm, flood or changes or failure of electricity, gas and water supplies.
  • Any fault or problem caused by the original design of your central heating system, installation and commissioning.
  • Venting of system and any related faults eg. bleeding radiators
  • Steel pipes, steel tanks, steel cylinders. Shower pumps and showers with their associated controls.
  • Any parts of the central heating system, including ducts, flues, pipes and wiring that are unsafe or too difficult to reach or impracticable to maintain due to location.
  • Resetting time clocks
  • Roomstats (turning up or down)
  • the removal or cost of removal of sludge. Pressure loss. Removal of hard water scale or adding corrosion inhibitor to the central heating system including the cost of resulting damage. Poor circulation, noisy boiler, sludged up pipes and cold spots on radiators are all signs sludge is present.
  • Any work required where faults occurred to non barriered pipework
  • Any repair deemed uneconomical. Normally a repair costing over £400 retail on a boiler over 10 years old.
  • contract clients must make attempts to restart heating system before calling. this would include resetting boiler reset pressure, check gas meter and checking condensate drain.

If you have any further questions please call out customer information line on: 01382 818 298.

If the amount to be paid or payment dates change, you will be informed in writing at least 10 days in advance.

If any error is made by WHD Gas Care or your bank or building society, you are guaranteed a full refund and immediate refund from the branch for the amount paid.

you can cancel a standing order at any time by writing to your bank or building society. Please also send a copy to us.

In the event of a gas leak call TRANSCO Direct on 0800 111 999.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. When your first inspection visit is done and payment has commenced.

A. One of our WHD registered engineers will arrive to assess the problem within 24 hours. Your system will be fixed there and then if possible. If the fault requires parts that are not carried by our engineer, we will endeavor to source them as quickly as possible.

A. Prices start from £191.88 which covers you for a whole year - that's only £15.99 per month. there is no obligation to renew the cover after your first year but we will always aim to provide the most competitive care for your system.

A. Your WHD Gas Care 5 star cover goes with you subject to your new system being in working condition. We will organise another safety inspection of the boiler for your new home.

A. It is convenient and hassle-free. It allows you to pay either a one-off lump sum or on a monthly basis. It also means that your cover will be automatically renewed ensuring total peace of mind.

A. if an error is made by WHD Gas Care or your bank, you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund from your bank for the amount paid.

A. In the event of a gas leak, you should call Transco directly on their emergency number 0800 11 999 then call WHD Gas Care.

A. Please contact WHD Gas Care on our customer helpline - 01382 818 298.

A. In the event of a breakdown, it covers all call-out fees, labor charges, and replacement parts. this means if something goes wrong with your system, we will fix the problem and there is nothing else to pay (subject to our cover terms and conditions).